Oshun ✨
“goddess. the force of harmony which we see as beauty, feel as love, and experience as ecstasy”

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this is appropriate for my wandering mind this time of night✨🌚

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When God speaks, Listen🙇🌞
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Thinkin’ of a Master Plan🙇
Good Morning!
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an excerpt from a caption that spoke to me posted by @kreeshaturner
Last Line: “I once believed love could over come ego, now I do not.”
It’s important to be honest and upfront with yourself and whoever your relationship involves. That choice you give them is the highest form of respect. The choice to take it or leave it… ❤️

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pre-work flow célfie 😊 i think this the last day for the braids!

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Good Morning Sunshine 🌞🌻
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love my bro @enlightened_sunshine one of the most beautiful spirits i know ❤️

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Lioness Life…
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#sneakin & #geekin last weekend with these babes 😈❤️ @themixxstress @ellmustard @antischleep

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